The retail landscape is changing at a rapid rate. To continue to grow your business, RIGA works with you to bring together your existing data sources and implement enterprise management solutions that will streamline and integrate your IT systems and processes. The INQUIRE suite of products collects, stores and translates data and simplifies your day-to-day operations. From procurement to production, warehousing, sales, customer service and financial management, INQUIRE provides insight into costs and performance to give you real, actionable insights.

The Bottom Line

  • Accurate, real-time financial management.
  • Budget and accounting.
  • BI/BA reporting.
  • Able to create What-if scenarios

Inventory & Supply Chain

  • Manage your entire business from one place.
  • Instantly & accurately monitor inventory.
  • Optimise warehouse processes.

Procurement & Production

  • Manage your entire manufacturing process.
  • Forecast & plan BOM.
  • Project Management

As part of the INQUIRE suite, our secure, Australian based data banks are available to collect metrics and data feeds from every facet of your business operations. Using the INQUIRE suite to look into your data banks at any stage – securely – through the Dashboard, your data begins to work for you and the insights will transform how your business competes in today’s global marketplace.