RIGA Journey provides customers with real-time driver tracking and updates, allowing them to instantly see the status of their delivery or service provider on Maps – just like Uber or Domino’s. Save your customer time and ensure they are available to receive your service and/or products.

Make better decisions when you manage your workflow within a central location. RIGA Journey allows you to track everything from manufacturing progress, stock delivery status through to a specific parcel or service delivery to your customers.

Merge all your operations into one place – no more loose forms, spreadsheets or lost paperwork. Experience instant proof of delivery with electronic sign-on-glass as part of your RIGA Journey set up.

RIGA Journey brings enterprise functionality for small business pricing to:

  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacies
  • Florists
  • Fresh produce suppliers
  • Service providers (eg: plumbers, lawn mowing)
  • Retail and eComm
  • Supply Chain & Logistics


  • Provides built in route optimisation and delivery grouping, allowing you to recover time spent route planning.
  • Respond and action on-demand delivery and pickup requests. Delete, re-assign or re-route with ease.
  • Get actionable insights on the status of your vehicles and monitor speed, dwell time and off-route information. RIGA Journey empowers you to streamline your operations with rich data that will maximise efficiency and safety.


  • Drivers and service providers are enabled to value add with RIGA Journey’s ability to generate invoices for additional services on the spot (eg: assembly, removal), increasing sales and enhancing the customer experience.
  • Customers are prompted to submit Google reviews on your product or service directly from within the RIGA Journey interface.